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"HS" Stacked Screen Sifters

Stacked Screen Sifters

Our stacked screen construction offers many advantages over single deck screening equipment.

  • Vertically nested series of frames conserves valuable plant floor space while offering maximum grading flexibility.
  • Multiple screen frames allows the sifting surface of each specific mesh to be proportioned for highly efficient grading of materials.
  • Smaller frames and screens are easier to handle, change and store
  • Smaller screens are less likely to sag and form pockets that collect material.
  • Our Tru-Balance counter weighted drive neutralizes frame and mounting vibration allowing the unit to be attached to the floor or ceiling with minimal footings or supports.

The screen area required for proper separation in a single large
deck. This illustration shows the flow of over-sized material.

Oversized material on a single deck sifter

The large deck is difficult to maintain and requires considerable floor space. This illustration shows the flow of fines to a side discharge.

Fines path on a single deck sifter

Dividing the large deck into a series of smaller decks is a better solution.

A single deck sifter cut into multiple decks

The smaller screens are easy to handle. Oversized material still flows over the entire screen area.

Over sized material flow on a multi-deck sifter

The fine material flows to a common side discharge..

Fine material flow on a multi-deck sifter

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