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Designed for efficient flour bleaching or enrichment addition in flour mills or blending facilities. The Agitator/Blender is built for long-lasting, dependable service and includes a housing constructed of rot-resistant PVC supported on a sanitary base frame. The rotors are machined and balanced for vibration free operation and are available fabricated either with the traditional kiln dried wood construction or sanitary carbon steel construction with food grade finish. Three different capacity sizes, built in four different arrangements, allow the machine to be tailored to your specific requirements.

• Rot-Resistant Polyvinylchloride housing construction
• Smooth interior without seams or crevices
• Dust-tight tongue and groove joints
• Metal or traditional wood rotor construction available
• Perfectly balanced rotor
• Teflon packing seals
• Excellent mixing and conveying action
• Drop bottom enables easy disassembly and thorough, rapid cleaning


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