Great Wester Manufacturing

Box Type Tru-Balance Sifters

Front open on the Box-type sifter- - - - Benefits - - - -

  • Each machine individually custom engineered to match your requirements.
  • Gyratory motion provides gentle sifting action and proper material stratification that results in accurate separations.
  • Unique Great Western Tru-Balance drive achieves perfect balance and vibration- free performance. This balance is accomplished by straddling the sifter's center of gravity with counterweights that offset the rotating sieve housing.
  • High capacity models available each using from 4 to 14 sieve frames in four different sieve sizes providing from 10 to 127 ft² of screening area. Stacked sieve frames allow the screen area to be matched and accurately allocated to each application.

  • Adaptable to a wide range of products, capacities, number of separations and screen sizes.
  • Sanitary construction. Crevice free, dust tight, sieve compartment constructed of kiln dried maple and birch panels provides the maximum in fatigue strength and durability with a minimum of weight.
  • Sieve box with standard exterior semi-gloss lacquer or with Hammertone enamel finish. Interior lined with stainless steel or plastic laminate for sanitation and abrasion resistance.
  • Sieves secured with standard manual rack and pinion system or pneumatic sieve compression system.
  • Crankshafts and counterweights are mounted to the rugged tubular drive frame with heavy-duty pillowblock bearings. The drive and motor are readily accessible on the sifter frame.
  • The standard speed is 263 rpm with a 2-5/8" circle of gyration. For bulky products, a 3-1/2" circle of gyration at 206 rpm is available.
  • Floor supported or ceiling suspended arrangements.
  • Every unit is test run and balanced prior to shipment.
  • Easy installation.


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