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Box Type Tru-Balance Sifters

Pneumatic sieve compression- - - - Features - - - -

Our pneumatic sieve compression system simplifies your sanitation and maintenance.

Sifter can be opened, sieves completely removed and maintained, and then reassembled in minutes...with the flip of a switch and without special tools. Downtime is minimized.

The sieve stack is inserted in the machine and nested against sieve guides. The door is secured, aligning the sieves and securing their horizontal position. With the flip of a switch the pneumatic sieve compression system lowers the internal press top frame

The pneumatic sieve compression controls include an indicator lens to verify the proper position of the compression system. No electrical connections required for the compression controls.

Front open on in-line pneumatic sifter

The pneumatic sieve compression system provides uniform and constant sieve compression while the machine is in operation. This continuous compression reduces sieve frame and gasket wear, reducing the possibility of leakage


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