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Box Type Tru-Balance Sifters

Box Type Tru-Balance Sifter- - - - Overview - - - -

Custom designed and built for screening any dry, free-flowing product ranging in size from 1/4" to 400 mesh. It provides a gentle, gyratory sifting motion that is considered to provide the most accurate separations. The machine includes the dust-tight rotating sieve housing mounted in a sanitary tubular steel drive frame. Depending on the application, the sifter can be typically configured for up to six separations.

The gyratory sifting motion is created by the unique Great Western Tru-Balance drive mechanism that straddles the sifter's center of gravity with counterweights and perfectly counterbalances the rotating sieve housing.

This system minimizes foundation requirements and even is available in a ceiling suspended arrangement that allows equipment to be located directly beneath it.

Many sieve construction options are available which include stainless steel or plastic lamination of the standard hardwood sieve, easy to maintain and exchange lift out screen trays, and an all stainless steel sieve. These options, plus many others, coupled with the flexibility in separations and the sifter's large capacity, make the Box Type Tru-Balance sifter the most versatile sifter available in the processing industries.

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