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GyroSift 36
GyroSift GS36

The GS36 can have up to three 36” (914 mm) diameter stainless steel sieves. The all stainless steel product contact areas and snap-on food grade rubber gaskets offer the utmost in sanitary design. Trays with mechanically stretched screens provide optimum screen tension.

The simple V-belt drive and counterweight assembly ensure the sifter speed and circle provide the best separation performance for product from flakes to fine powders.

GyroSift GS34

Utilizing 34” square sieves the GS34 can be supplied with three different sieve construction types. Depending on the application and type of sieve selected, up to five sieves can be used. Each sieve features an easily removed screen tray design that enables quick change-overs, screen replacement, and thorough access to the sieve interior for cleaning.

The sifter speed is 290 rpm and has an Ø2” circle.

GyroSift GS34 Sieve Options

Sanitary tray construction

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