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GyroSift GS34 Sieves

- - - - GS34 Sieve Options- - - -

Modular Sieve
Interlocking Sieve

Designed for stapled on screen attachment with intercrimp backwire and a sloped stainless steel pan. 3.9 sq. ft. per sieve.

NOVA Interlocking Sieve

The unique design of the NOVA sieve eliminates the sieve backwire and is designed only for mechanically stretched and glued-on screens. 5.0 sq. ft. per sieve.

Nova Sieve
Stainless steel sieve
Stainless Steel Sieve

For the utmost in sanitation, the stainless steel sieve can be provided with glued-on screens or with mechanical screen attachment. 4.7 sq. ft. per sieve.

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