Great Wester Manufacturing

Great Western's History

Continuous Innovation in Product Protection & Production Sifters Since 1858!

Photo 1858

Kansas' Oldest Continually Operating Manufacturing Firm

Great Western Manufacturing is the oldest operating manufacturing firm in the state of Kansas. Founded in 1858, Great Western was a foundry manufacturing steam engines and repair parts for steam boats, as well as wood burning stoves.









Photo 1880


In the 1880's Great Western acquired designs for a line of milling equipment and grew to be a large milling engineering firm competing with such companies as Nordyke and Marmon and Allis Chalmers.




After World War II demand for new milling equipment in the United States virtually stopped causing most U.S. milling equipment manufacturers to abandon the industry until the late 1960's.








During this post war slow-down Great Western ceased the manufacture of a full line of milling equipment and focused all their efforts specializing in sifting and screening equipment.