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"HS" Free Swinging Sifters

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Automatic Sieve Compression
Automatic Sieve Compression

The HS Sifter is available with either the original rack & pinion sieve compression system or Great Western's innovative pneumatic sieve compression system.

Sanitary Frame Construction
Press Tops

Maintaining a securely compressed sieve stack is critical to proper sifter operation, leak-free performance and maximizing sieve frame life.

Bottom Distributors & Outlets
Bottom Distributors & Outlets

The bottom distributor routes the separated product streams to the outlets. The design can provide up to eight separate, uninterrupted discharges.

Sanitary Design

Sanitary operation and easy cleanout is assured through careful design with no ledges or unsealed gaps.


Great Western offers the widest variety of sieve sizes and types to best suit your production and maintenance needs. Standard sieve are constructed with select poplar lumber, and are available with: demountable or lift-out tray types, glued or stapled screen attachment, standard lacquer finish, HPDL lamination, or stainless steel lined. Many other options are available.

Sanitary tray construction

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