Great Wester Manufacturing

"HS" Free Swinging Sifters

Banks of HS Free Swinging Sifters- - - - Overview - - - -

High capacity machine made in 2, 4, 6, or 8 sections. Each machine is custom engineered to suit the product characteristics, load demands, and customer requirements.

Sieve housings are constructed of kiln dried maple and birch plywood with painted exterior finish (as shown) or finished with moisture resistant lacquer. Dust-tight doors and crevice free joints assure sanitary operation. Interiors are bonded with white plastic laminate as standard to meet sanitary requirements. For more demanding applications the sifter interiors can be bonded with stainless steel. Dependable operation is assured due to the HS Sifter's proven smooth starting and stopping drive which features high-capacity bearings and a box-mounted drive motor.

Continuous Innovation in Product Protection & Production Sifters Since 1858!