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Modular Tru-Balance Sifters

Modular Tru-Balance- - - - Features - - - -

Reliable drive system completely counter-balances all gyratory forces, providing vibration-free performance. Either floor mounted or ceiling suspended mounting enables the machine to be adapted to any installation. The sifter operates at 250 rpm with a 2-5/8” diameter circle of gyration using a 1½ HP motor. --More--

Sieve Clamping
Unique double cable clamping system raises the bottom
carrier, securely locking the nested sieve stack against the top carrier. No heavy covers to remove or replace when opening the sifter for inspection or maintenance.

Sieve frames for the Modular Tru-Balance

Screen Frames
The screen trays simply lift out of the outer individual sieve frames for quick changes or repair. Screens are typically hand stretched and stapled-on, or for improved sanitation and performance, can be mechanically stretched and glued directly to the tray. Ball or cube cleaners below the screens prevent blinding or plugging.

Extra heavy duty sieve frames are fabricated from clear poplar and have plastic laminate bonded on all product contact surfaces as well as the exterior surface of the frames. Double staggered sieve to sieve silicone gaskets ensures dust-tight sealing.

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