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Our pneumatic sieve compression and modular interlocking frame simplifies your sanitation and maintenance.

  • Sifter can be opened, sieves completely removed and maintained, and reassembled in minutes... without special tools. Downtime is minimized.
  • Pneumatic sieve clamping system allows fast disassembly. The sieves and screen trays simply interlock with one another.
  • Using pneumatics, the upper drive frame is raised to open the sifter or lowered to compress and seal the sieve stack. The pneumatics maintains constant compression while the machine is in operation.
  • Our drive and frame carriers are engineered to minimize gasket wear and eliminate leaks.
  • Front open on in-line pneumatic sifter
  • Stainless steel sieve and product contact zone construction allows cleaning to be accomplished with dry brushing, air cleaning, water wash down or steam cleaning.
  • Dust tight gasketed construction. No suction requirements.
  • Sieves remove completely. Smooth crack and crevice free bottom dome with easy access to outlet transitions for thorough cleaning.
  • Upper and lower drive carriers remain attached to the drive mechanism.

Automatic Sieve Compression
Automatic Sieve Compression

The pneumatic sieve compression system speeds access for inspection and maintenance.

Seamless Sanitary Frame
Seamless Frame Construction

Sanitary construction with welded sieve frames. No rivets, nuts, bolts, or crevices.

Sanitary tray construction
Tray Construction

Screens mechanically stretched and bonded to trays for sanitary attachment and superior screen tensions. Frames can be re-screened indefinitely.

Snap-on gaskets
Sanitary Gaskets

Snap-on neoprene gaskets for sieve to sieve seals. No adhesives required for gasket attachment.

Models and Capacities


The QA36 is available with 3 to 9 sieves and a net screen area from 15 to 45 ft².


The QA46 model has 4 to 9 sieves and a net screen area from 35 to 80 ft².

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