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Gravity Flow | Quality Assurance Sifters

Gravity Flow | Quality Assurance Sifters- - - - Overview - - - -

  • Gyratory motion: gentle and accurate.
  • Compact floor area.
  • Wide range of capacities. Multiple models use from 3 to 9 sieves.
  • Accurate separation and sizing of a single product stream into two or more particle sizes.
  • Screen area matched to application.
  • Adaptable to a wide range of products, capacities, number of separations, and screen sizes.
  • Easy opening and positive sieve clamping provided by reliable pneumatic sieve compression system.
  • Reliable Tru-Balance drive mechanism that results in less stress on the sieve frames and less motion between the sieve frames.
  • Easily customized to suit your installation requirements.
  • Every unit test run and balanced prior to shipping.
  • Easy installation.


The new Quality Assurance (QA) Series of Gravity Flow sifters, the QA36 and QA46, replace the previous Stainless Steel Sifter models 711 and 821.

Models and Capacities


The QA36 is available with 3 to 9 sieves and a net screen area from 15 to 45 ft².


The QA46 model has 4 to 9 sieves and a net screen area from 35 to 80 ft².

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