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Comparative Tables of Bolting Cloth

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Useful Information

Mesh=Number of Openings per Lineal Inch

Opening Equals

Percent Open Area

Sefar Fabric Identification
The following information explains Sefar's product numbering system for square weave synthetic fabrics
Square Weave Fabrics
Fiber Material 03-250/51
03 PA 6.6 Nylon Polyamide 6.5
06 PP Polypropylene
07 PETP Polyester Polyethylene terephtalate
Mesh Opening 03-250/51
Number shown is the nominal mesh opening (width between threads), expressed in microns.
Open Area (%) 03-250/51
SEFAR NYTAL® for flour sieves
Sefar Nytal for flour sieves

PA-XX sieve fabric
PA-XX is used for soft wheat, biscuit and rye flour

  • rough surface
  • high percentage open area
  • excellent sieving efficiency

PA-LW sieve fabric
PA-LW is used for soft wheat, biscuit and rye flour

  • roughest fabric surface
  • high percentage open area
  • best sieving efficiency
  • works well for sticky stocks

PA-MF sieve cloth
PA-MF is used on metal sifter frames, where it is replacing the PA-XX/N quality

  • best possible durability combined with high sieving efficiency

PA-XXX sieve fabric
PA-XXX fabrics are used for harder types of wheat and Durum

  • long lifetime
  • good abrasion resistance

*information courtesy Sefar, Inc.