Great Wester Manufacturing

Sefar's Pneumapp 2 Fabric Stretching System

available from Great Western Manufacturing

Pneumapp 2 Fabric Stretching System
  • Three sizes of stretching clamps available
  • Easy to use pneumatic control-unit
  • Easily adapts to any frame size
  • Simple, fast changeover
  • Stretches every type of fabric:
    coarse or fine - synthetic or wire
  • Pre-tensions frames
  • Tailored to the needs of the milling industry
  • High quality, low maintenance construction

Sefar Tensocheck 100-R Fabric tension measurement on sieve frames

Tensocheck 100-R Fabric tension meter
    • Electronically operated
    • Digital display
    • Precise measurement
    • Display range from 3 to 50 N/cm
    • Display N/cm or mm
    • Automatic shut-off
    • Zero set adjustment

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