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Sieve Frames & Screens

Full Line of Sieve Frames

Our stacked screen construction offers many advantages over single deck screening equipment.

  • The vertically nested series of frames conserves valuable plant floor space while offering maximum grading flexibility.
  • Multiple screen frames allow you to proportion the sifting surface of each specific mesh for highly efficient grading of materials.
  • Smaller frames and screens are easier to handle, change, and store than large, unwieldy single bed screens.
  • Smaller screens are less likely to sag and form pockets that collect material.

We fabricate sieves for all of our sifters in-house, as well as for most stack type sifters. We manufacture North American and many European sizes.

We will also rescreen/repair any existing sieve frames in good condition.

A full range of materials including natural wood, laminated wood, food grade plastic, and stainless steel allow us to meet your many specifications for sanitation and excellence.

Sieve frames ready to ship

Frame Construction
• Fixed Tray
• Demountable Tray
• Lift-out Tray
• Slip-in Tray
• Quick-Change Tray
• Type E
• NOVA Sieve

Standard Sizes
• 24 11/16” square
• 28 ¾” square
• 30 7/8” square
• 30 7/8” x 40 7/8”
• 40 7/8” square

Screen Attachment
• Glued-on
• Stapled-on
• Looped Edge

Backwire Styles
• Stainless intercrimp
• Galvanized intercrimp

• Pan type
• Compartment Liner
• Sieve protection
• Ball Cleaner access door

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